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Hiidenkirnut known in english as Giants kettle, also known as giants cauldrons, devil´s churns or potholes.

In this sites we use therm devil´s churns. The reason is that there is a mythological story about devil.



There are 14 devil´s churns on the slope of Sukulanrakka at Rautiosaari south on Rovaniemi. Three of them are remarkable large and one of the largest in Finland. The largest devil´s churn is lying at the foot of the rocky hill and it is partly collapsed. Its diameter is 8 meters (over 26 ft.) and its depth is 15 meters (over 49 ft.). The two others are situating on the rocky hill and they are 10 and 9 meters (32,8 and 29,5 ft.) deep.


The devil´s churns at Sukulanrakka were first investigated in depth in 1966 and 1967, when the debris that had accumulated in them over the millennia was cleared out with the help of local residents, under the supervisions of Professor Veikko Okko of Helsinki University. 




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